Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. What is ozone?

2. Where is ozone found?

3. What does the ozone layer do?

4. What are the dangerous rays from the sun called?

5. When did scientists discover a hole in the ozone layer?

6. Where did they find this hole?

7. When does this hole appear every year?

8. What products which were a danger to the ozone layer were used in the past?

9. Where were these chemicals used?

10. When were these chemicals prohibited?

Check Start again


1. Work in small groups. Make a list of different ways we are damaging our planet. Suggest ways of preventing or reducing the impact of some of the things on your list.

2. Present your ideas to the class.

3. Listen to the other groups' ideas.

4. Discuss all the ideas with the class.


Work in small groups. Make a poster showing the problems you have discussed and your recommendations. Find photos or use illustrations. Display the posters in your classroom or somewhere else at school.

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