by Philomena Thomas
Video: Why is blood so important for the body?
1. Before you watch the video and do the next activity, read the sentences and choose the best answer.
1) Blood is red, but it can appear in the body.
2) When you have a cut, you .
3) Everyone has a blood .
4) Donating blood is when you give it to a person.
5) Blood travels around the body .
6) are the dangerous monsters who drink blood.
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Watch the video:

Why is blood so important for the body?
2. Read the questions and choose the correct answer.
1) What is blood essential for?
2) What does blood circulate around the body?
3) How fast does blood travel through arteries and veins?
4) Where do red blood cells take oxygen from?
5) What do white blood cells do for the body?
6) What happens when you cut yourself?
7) How does the body manage waste?
8) What do healthy people do at a blood bank?
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3. Complete the sentences using words from the list below. Click on the word from the box and then click again on the right blank space. The video and the above activities will help you.

1) Busy roads are called motorways, or .

2) Bacteria and viruses are examples of .

3) I hate doing things too quickly. I never .

4) You have heavy shopping to home! Can I help?

5) Soup is a of different ingredients.

6) Imagination is for creativity.

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Blood is essential for life. It supports every organ in the body and protects us from disease by healing our skin when we have an injury.
However, people normally don’t like the sight of blood and are often scared of it. Why do you think this is?
Work in small groups to answer this question. Use the questions below for ideas.

1) In what situations do we see our own blood? What about in TV and films?

2) What is your reaction when you are bleeding? Do you feel disgusted? Are you normally in pain?

3) What do you think influences your idea of blood more – TV and films, or your own personal experiences?

4) Does understanding its importance change your opinion?

5) After thinking about these questions, will you feel calmer the next time you are bleeding?