by Cynthia Donson
Video: What use is science?
1. Before you watch the video and do the next activity, read the sentences and choose the best answer.
1) Maths, English and Science are all school .
2) is a careful study of something to establish a fact or a principle.
3) Someone who wants to learn or know more is .
4) Another word for verify is .
5) An idea or proposal that explains something but needs to be verified is a .
6) If you tell everybody a secret or a rumour, you it.
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Now, watch the video:

What use is science?
2. Read the questions and choose the correct answer.
1) According to the video, what is science useful for?
2) What does science help us do?
3) In general, why do scientists do research?
4) In what way are scientists curious?
5) How do they check their hypotheses?
6) How many times do they do this?
7) In science, what do we call the real answer to a question that has been studied?
8) According to the video, in what way can new scientific knowledge help other scientists?
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3. Complete the sentences using words from the list below. Click on the word from the box and then click again on the right blank space. The video and the above activities will help you.

1) I’m so about Penny. What do you know about her?

2) I’ve just discovered something about Rich. But if I tell you, promise me you won’t it around.

3) My brother thinks he did well in his exams but his teacher still has to them.

4) When people do doctorates, they usually have to do a lot of .

5) I’ve got a about the new boy in class. I think he’s very shy and that’s why he doesn’t talk to us much.

6) My sister has to give a talk on video games and it’s going to be a disaster! She knows nothing about the !

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1) Work in small groups. Think of two or three things that are very important to you in your everyday lives which are the result of science. Prepare short descriptions, e.g. This is one of the most important things in our everyday lives. We normally use it three times a day. It lives in the bathroom. If you don’t use it, your smile won’t be so nice! (A toothbrush).

2) Present your descriptions to the class for them to guess.

3) Which of the things described do you think were the best choices? Discuss it with the class.