Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. According to the video, what do you want to do when you hear the song "Happy Birthday"?

2. Unless you were born on 29th February, how often do you celebrate your birthday?

3. Why is your birthday like your face?

4. Why is your age important?

5. Why do other people like celebrating your birthday?

6. Who started the tradition of cakes with candles on them?

7. Why were cakes originally round?

8. What was Artemis not the goddess of?

9. What does a birthday cake symbolize today?

10. According to tradition, what comes true if you blow out all the candles on the cake?

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1. Work in small groups. Think of somebody in school that you all know. Plan the best possible birthday party for them, but don't say who it is for. Rehearse how you are going to act out the party in front of the class.

2. Act out your party in front of the class, who will try to guess whose birthday party it is. (You can speak during your performance).

3. Guess who the other groups' parties are for.

4. Vote on the best performance and the best party!


My best birthday ever.

Write about 150 words on the best birthday you have ever had or what your ideal birthday would be like. Think about the following:

- What did/would you do?

- Who with?

- Where?

- Why was it/would it be so good?

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