Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. What are invading our homes?

2. What is happening as a result of this invasion?

3. What adjective can be used to describe the new screens?

4. What is the advantage of these screens?

5. What can you do with VOD?

6. According to the video, what kind of programmes aren't in the catalogue?

7. What is the advantage of VOD?

8. Which of the following statements is false?

9. Why are VOD services by subscription "a real revolution"?

10. Which is true of VOD services?

Check Start again


1. Work in groups. Choose a TV programme that you all like. Write a short script so that you can act it out in front of the class, who will try to guess the programme.

2. Perform your TV series for the class.

3. Watch the other programmes. When they have finished, guess the programme.

4. Vote on the best programme.


Write about 100-150 words on one the following topics. Make a few notes before you start so that you are sure you have enough to say!

a) My favourite TV series. Describe it and explain why you like it.

b) New technologies. Describe the technologies that you and your family and friends use. In your opinion, are there any advantages or disadvantages?

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