Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. Which of the following don't normally receive a Nobel Prize?

2. Where was Alfred Nobel from?

3. What was he famous for, apart from creating this prize?

4. When was the first Nobel Prize given?

5. How many Nobel Prizes are awarded?

6. What nationalities are the people on the jury?

7. What do Nobel Prize winners receive?

8. What do winners often do with the money?

9. Who won the Nobel Prize in 1903?

10. Which Nobel Prize did Barack Obama win?

Check Start again


1. Work in small groups. Choose four people from your class to go to Mars in 2024. Note down the reasons for your choices.

2. Present your ideas to the class.

3. Listen to the other groups' ideas and make notes if you think there are any defects in their proposals.

4. Vote on the best candidates (who can be from different groups).


In Britain schools give prizes to pupils for excellent work, hard work and progress.

- Do you think this is a good idea? Why? / Why not?

- Is there anybody at school that you would give a prize to? If so, why? (e.g. for good work, for helping others, etc.)

- What would the prize be? (A book, a CD, a cup, a medal, etc.)

Write a short composition explaining your ideas.

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