Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. What does the verb "grow" mean?

2. What does the growth of a country indicate?

3. Which is not true of a country with good economic growth?

4. What does measuring growth indicate about a country?

5. What does the word "wealth" mean?

6. What is the problem in many countries today?

7. What does it mean if there is zero economic growth?

8. What happens when fewer companies build fewer houses?

9. Who does this affect?

10. What is the word we use for a reduction in growth?

Check Start again


1. Work in small groups. You want to start a small business. Decide on the following:

- The products or services you want to sell.

- Your potential customers.

- The name of your business and your products or services.

- Where you are going to do this, e.g. online, in a shop, an office, etc.

- Your marketing techniques.

2. Present your business to the class and try to attract customers!

3. Listen to the other groups' ideas.

4. Vote on the best business plan!


What would you really like to do when you leave school? Write about 100-150 words explaining your ideas.

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