Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. One of the symptoms of Ebola is

2. The name Ebola comes from the name of

3. The first cases of Ebola were registered in

4. Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria are countries in

5. Ebola is very dangerous because it is

6. The virus can spread through

7. At the moment, the only solution is

8. Health workers have to wear masks and special

9. People in countries affected by the virus cannot

10. The new treatment being tested has cured

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1. Work in small groups. You suspect that a member of your family has contracted Ebola. What measures do you take? Make a list. Explain your ideas to the class.

2. Listen to the other groups' measures. Make notes if you think that any of the other groups' measures are insufficient.

3. Explain your criticisms to the class.

4. Vote for the group with the most complete measures.


Write three short paragraphs on an illness you have had. If you've never been ill or you can't remember, invent something! Include the following information.

- The name of the illness.

- When you had it.

- The symptoms you had.

- How you felt.

- How long you were ill.

- The measures you had to take to cure your illness (e.g. drugs, rest, etc.)

- The first thing you did when you felt better.

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