Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. In cities there are lots of

2. One of the main causes of air pollution is

3. Pollution caused by human activity consists of

4. Air pollution is normally prevented by

5. The local authorities issue pollution warnings when

6. Usually when the sun heats the air near the ground, the air rises and

7. If the air doesn't rise,

8. Human activity makes a larger contribution to pollution in

9. A good measure to reduce air pollution is to

10. In the future we need to

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1. Work in small groups. Imagine that you are members of the local council and are responsible for the environment. Your main worry is pollution and you have decided to restrict traffic in the town. Decide how you are going to this (e.g. only certain cars in the town on different days of the week, building car parks on the outskirts of the town and providing a free bus service into town, etc.). Then design a poster to inform citizens of the measures you are going to take.

2. Present your poster and your plan to the rest of the class.

3. Vote for the best project.


Which do you prefer - the city or the country? Write a composition explaining your ideas. This plan might help you. We have done the introduction for you.

Do you communicate with them directly by meeting up with them?

- Advantages of living in the city

- Disadvantages of living in the city

- Advantages of living in the country

- Disadvantages of living in the country

- Conclusions (your opinion and the reasons for it)

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