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1. Why do refugees leave their countries?

2. Why did people leave Syria and Afghanistan?

3. According to the video, which of the following does not generally force people to leave their countries?

4. Where do most refugees go?

5. Where do they live?

6. Which of the following is not a problem in these places?

7. How many immigrants does Canada accept every year?

8. Where do refugees live in Canada?

9. What is the new type of refugee called?

10. What effect of climate change sometimes forces people to leave their countries?

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1. Work in small groups. You are a group of refugees who have arrived in a town where you would like to stay. You have to try to persuade the local council to accept you. Think about what you are going to say, e.g.

- Who you are. Are you a family, a group of friends or people who you met when you left your country?

- The reason(s) why you left your country.

- Why you need help and what kind of help you need (accommodation, work, school for your children, money...)

- What you are prepared to do to become part of the local community.

2. Present your answers to the class (the local council).

3. Vote as members of the local council on the two groups of refugees you can help (i.e. the ones who have given the best arguments to stay).


The Diary of a Refugee.

Write about 150 words explaining a day in your life as a refugee.

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