Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. A drone is a

2. A drone moves

3. A drone is not controlled by

4. At the moment, drones are mainly used by the

5. Drones are sent to

6. If a drone fails in a military mission, the military only loses

7. In military missions, drones are useful for

8. Drones can also

9. Drones can help to locate victims of natural disasters, thanks to their

10. In the near future, we could use drones for

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1. Work in small groups. Think of all the machines we use in our daily lives. In your opinion, which of them is the most useful? Why? Prepare an argument to defend your machine. Explain your ideas to the class.

2. Listen to the other groups' ideas. Then, try to defend your machine.

3. Vote for the group with the best argument.


What machines do you and your family use? Write a short composition. The following questions might help you.

- What machines do you have in your house?

- What are they for?

- Who uses them?

- Which machine is the most important for you? And for the other members of your family?

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