Choose the best answer to each question. Then check your answers.


1. What is your special bodyguard?

2. What does this "bodyguard" protect you against?

3. Which is the following is generally dangerous?

4. Why do you become allergic to something?

5. How does your body react to things it doesn't like any more?

6. What are the symptoms of an allergy?

7. What do we call the things we are allergic to?

8. What example do they give on the video of something that is very dangerous for some people?

9. What can help your immune system to get used to food you are allergic to?

10. In your opinion, why do they mention spinach on the video?

Check Start again


1. Work in groups of three. Ask each other questions and find out if the others or members of their family are allergic to anything. Make a note of what they are allergic to and what they do to remedy their allergy.

2. Present your findings to the class.


Are you allergic to spinach? What are your favourite foods? Are they good for you? What foods do you dislike? Are they good for you?

Think about the following:

- eating at home

- eating in restaurants

- eating takeaway meals or fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Write about 100 words about this. Make sure it's not just a list!

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