by Cynthia Donson
Video: Who is the "Queen of England"?
1. Before you watch the video, read the sentences and choose the best answer.
1) Another word for a leader is ”.
2) An official political group is a political ”.
3) A picture or painting of someone’s face is a ”.
4) A piece of paper money, e.g. 20 euros, is called a “note” or a ”.
5) In general, a small piece of metal representing money is a ”.
6) The adjective that describes weather is ”.
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Now, watch the video:

Who is the "Queen of England"?
2. Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.
1) In the United Kingdom, the Queen is the
2) In the United Kingdom, the leader is the
3) When does the Queen give a political opinion?
4) The Queen doesn’t
5) The portrait of the Queen isn’t on
6) How many countries are there in the United Kingdom?
7) The Queen often goes abroad
8) The Queen is also the queen of
9) 2012 was the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which celebrated her
10) The Queen’s favourite dogs are
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3. Complete the sentences using words from the list below. Click on the word from the box and then click again in the right blank space. The video and the above activities will help you.

1) The is dreadful – it’s cold and windy.

2) I had 20 euros on Saturday but now I’ve only got a few left!

3) Selfies are sometimes of yourself.

4) There is going to be a general in Spain in April.

5) In the UK the director of a school is called the “”.

6) “Why do people take selfies?” Grandma asked, “What’s the ?”

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1) Work in small groups. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a king or queen. Make a note of your ideas.

2) Listen to the other groups’ ideas. Make notes of any different ideas they have.

3) Vote for the group with the best ideas.