by Cynthia Donson
Video: Who is Nelson Mandela?
1. Before you watch the video and do the next activity, read the sentences and choose the best answer.
1) A is a place that is smaller than a town.
2) A majority is a number.
3) The action of killing a large number of people is a .
4) A is a march on the streets to protest about something.
5) An elected group of people who manage a country is the .
6) Some writers write prose and others write .
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Now, watch the video:

Who is Nelson Mandela?
2. Read the sentences and choose the correct answer. Check your answer before you move on to the next question.
1) When was Nelson Mandela born?
2) Where was he born?
3) What was apartheid?
4) When did Mandela receive the Noble Peace Prize?
5) What political group did Mandela lead?
6) What characterized this group?
7) How many people were killed at the 1960 demonstration?
8) How long was Mandela in prison?
9) When did he come out of prison?
10) How old was Nelson Mandela when he died?
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3. Complete the sentences using words from the list below. Drag the word to its correct place. The video and the above activities will help you.

1) The bank robbers were arrested and sent to for five years.

2) In Spain the normally changes every four years.

3) There is a pretty little up in the mountains.

4) The object of the United Nations organization is to promote .

5) The of adults in Spain have smart phones.

6) Rap is a type of with music.

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1) Work in small groups. What qualities do you think a good leader should have? Write a list. Then choose a member of the group to be a candidate in the next elections and decide what his/her strong points are.

2) Present him/her to the voters (the class) and explain why your candidate should win the elections.

3) Listen to the arguments in favour of the other candidates.

4) Vote for the best candidate.